Dr. J on the Big Stage

I used to be in the alternative medical field but have always had a passion for music and sound.
One day my wife tells me we should buy our own PA so we don’t have to pay for sound anymore. It was getting expensive & why is the sound guy not at the board?
I didn’t know what to think but one thing I did know was that my guitar solos were NEVER heard. I used to shred a lot back in those days and it was so frustrating when friends would say, “I could tell you were seriously laying it down but I could not hear a single note you played”! WTF! I see this all the time!
I also never understood why the sound was never very good. No matter the quality or brand of speakers, it always sounded less than optimal.
With my science background and desire to “dig in”, I uncovered some things about sound systems that changed my life and changed the music scene in my area.
I went from not knowing anything about sound systems to mixing some of the big 80’s / 90’s artists in 7 years. Never in my life did I expect to be behind the board mixing for bands I grew up watching on MTV.
I also didn’t expect the compliments from them that I received. With some hard work & basic principals in action – you can make your Bar PA Kick Butt too!
I have made many new friends and I hope to help you do the same.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope I can help you take your sound system to a much higher level.
– Dr. J